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2-Methyl-AP-237 HCl EU is a research chemical that belongs to the opioid class of compounds. It is a potent mu-opioid receptor agonist, with analgesic effects similar to those of morphine. This product is intended for research purposes only and is not for human consumption. It comes in the form of a crystalline powder and is sold in 1 gram packages. When handled and used properly in a controlled laboratory environment, 2-Methyl-AP-237 HCl EU can be a useful tool for researchers investigating the pharmacology and potential therapeutic applications of opioids.

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Product Name: 2-Methyl-AP-237 (2MAP-237)

IUPAC Name: 1-(2-methylphenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one

Molecular Formula: C18H27NO

Molecular Weight: 273.42 g/mol

Product Description:

2-Methyl-AP-237, also known as 2MAP-237, is a research chemical belonging to the class of synthetic opioids. This compound is structurally related to AP-237 (1-phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)heptan-1-one) but features a 2-methyl substitution on the phenyl ring, which potentially alters its biological properties. As a research chemical, 2MAP-237 is primarily utilized in scientific studies and is not approved for human or veterinary use. Researchers should exercise caution when working with this compound due to its potential for abuse and health risks.


While limited information is available on the specific effects of 2-Methyl-AP-237, it is believed to act as a μ-opioid receptor agonist, similar to its parent compound AP-237. As such, the compound may exhibit analgesic, sedative, and euphoric effects. However, the precise potency, duration of action, and side effect profile of 2MAP-237 have not been fully established and may differ from those of AP-237 due to the 2-methyl substitution.

Possible Uses:

As a research chemical, 2-Methyl-AP-237 is primarily intended for use in scientific studies, particularly in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology, and neuroscience. Researchers may investigate the compound’s potential as an analgesic, its mechanism of action, and its binding affinity for the μ-opioid receptor. Moreover, the compound may be used in comparative studies alongside other opioids, including structurally related compounds, to explore structure-activity relationships and the impact of specific functional group substitutions on pharmacological properties.

Safety Conclusion:

Given the limited information available on 2-Methyl-AP-237, researchers must exercise extreme caution when handling and studying this compound. As a synthetic opioid, the potential for abuse, dependence, and life-threatening respiratory depression should not be underestimated. Researchers should adhere to strict safety protocols, including the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and secure storage.

2-Methyl-AP-237 is not intended for human or veterinary use and should only be used in a controlled laboratory setting. Any accidental exposure, ingestion, or inappropriate use of this compound may result in severe health risks or even fatality. In case of accidental exposure or suspected overdose, seek immediate medical attention or contact your local poison control center.

In summary, 2-Methyl-AP-237 is a novel research chemical with potential applications in various scientific studies. However, its exact effects, potency, and safety profile have yet to be fully elucidated, and as such, researchers must exercise extreme caution when working with this compound. Proper handling, storage, and adherence to safety guidelines are crucial to mitigate any potential risks associated with this research chemical.

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