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Fluorexetamine (CAS: 2160553-78-6) is a novel dissociative anesthetic and research chemical. It belongs to the arylcyclohexylamine class of compounds and has a structure similar to ketamine. Fluorexetamine is known for its potent and long-lasting effects, with a duration of action of up to six hours. It is primarily used in laboratory research to study the effects of dissociative anesthetics on the central nervous system. As a highly potent and selective NMDA receptor antagonist, fluorexetamine has the potential to be a valuable tool for studying a wide range of neurological disorders. However, it is important to note that fluorexetamine is a research chemical and is not intended for human consumption.

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Product Name: Fluorexetamine (FXE)


Fluorexetamine, also known as FXE, is a novel synthetic research chemical that belongs to the class of dissociative anesthetics. It is closely related to other well-known dissociatives, such as ketamine and methoxetamine (MXE). FXE is an NMDA receptor antagonist, which means it acts by blocking the NMDA receptors in the brain, resulting in a range of psychoactive effects.


The effects of FXE vary greatly depending on the dosage, user’s individual response, and other factors. However, some commonly reported effects of FXE include:

  1. Dissociation: A feeling of disconnection from one’s body and surroundings, often accompanied by a sense of floating or being in a dreamlike state.
  2. Euphoria: An intense feeling of happiness, pleasure, and well-being.
  3. Analgesia: A reduction in the perception of pain, which can be helpful for individuals suffering from chronic pain conditions.
  4. Cognitive alterations: Changes in thought patterns, including altered perceptions of time, space, and self, as well as difficulties with memory and concentration.
  5. Visual and auditory hallucinations: Users may experience alterations in their visual and auditory perceptions, including seeing or hearing things that are not present in reality.
  6. Synesthesia: A blending of the senses, such as seeing sounds or tasting colors.

Possible Uses:

Due to its dissociative properties, FXE has potential applications in various research fields and therapeutic contexts, including:

  1. Neuroscience research: As an NMDA receptor antagonist, FXE can be used as a tool to study the role of NMDA receptors in various cognitive processes, such as learning, memory, and perception.
  2. Pain management: FXE’s analgesic effects may be useful for managing chronic pain in patients who are unresponsive to conventional pain medications.
  3. Treatment of mental health disorders: Preliminary research suggests that dissociative anesthetics like FXE may hold promise in treating conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  4. Anesthetic research: FXE could be explored as a potential alternative to traditional anesthetic agents in both human and veterinary medicine.

Safety Conclusion:

As a novel research chemical, the long-term safety and potential side effects of FXE are not yet fully understood. Therefore, it is essential that researchers and users exercise caution when working with this compound. Some general safety recommendations include:

  1. Adhering to proper dosage guidelines and avoiding excessive or repeated use.
  2. Ensuring a controlled, secure, and supervised environment when conducting research with FXE.
  3. Avoiding the use of FXE in combination with other psychoactive substances or medications, as this may increase the risk of adverse effects.
  4. Monitoring for signs of adverse reactions or complications during use, and seeking prompt medical attention if any concerning symptoms arise.
  5. Conducting thorough and systematic research to better understand the safety profile, pharmacological properties, and potential therapeutic applications of FXE.

In summary, Fluorexetamine (FXE) is a promising research chemical with potential applications in various fields, including neuroscience, pain management, mental health treatment, and anesthetic research. However, due to the limited understanding of its long-term safety and potential side effects, it is crucial to exercise caution and adhere to proper safety guidelines when working with this compound.

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