General sales and delivery conditions

I. Conclusion of offer and contract

1. Offers are subject to confirmation and without obligation.
2. Analysis reports and other descriptions of goods in certificates of analysis, catalogues, technical data sheets or other submitted product documentations are only roughly authoritative, unless explicitly described as binding. They don't represent an agreement or warranty of a corresponding constitution of the goods. Anything else only applies if a RECHEMCO business manager defines a product description explicitly as warranty or agreement on the legal and factual nature, and communicates this to the orderer in written. 

3. RECHEMCO reserves all ownership and copyright connected to all offer documents. Such documents may not be presented to third parties.

4. Orders are for RECHEMCO without obligation. The orderer is bound to his order for 2 weeks. RECHEMCO's silence concerning offers, orders, demands or other explanations given by the orderer only apply as approval if it has been explicitly agreed upon in writing. Any order confirmation created electronically, which does not bear a signature and name shall be deemed to constitute written form.  If the order confirmation contains obvious errors, writing or calculation errors, it is without obligation for RECHEMCO.

5. If the contract has been unilaterally annulled by the orderer or an order/partial order unilaterally cancelled by the orderer, the orderer has to reimburse RECHEMCO for all costs, which originated through the contract termination/cancellation; this applies especially to cancellation or rescission fees which have been charged to RECHEMCO for the delivery, costs for the purchase of goods which cannot be returned and all other expenditures which have been charged to RECHEMCO during the contract management and cancellation, such as legal fees, transportation costs, etc.


II. Scope of delivery/conditions of delivery

1. RECHEMCO is entitled to also partially deliver all services owed, unless the partial delivery has no meaning for the orderer and the orderer has referred hereunto in the contract.

2. If the orderer doesn't explicitly insist on a certain shipping method, then the type of shipping is at RECHEMCO's discretion, i.e. the shipping may be done by air, rail, ship or road. 

3. All deliveries are quoted ex works or warehouse. The respective current logistic fees, displayed online on our website, apply.

4. A return of goods and corresponding credit note is only possible with RECHEMCO's consent and must always meet RECHEMCO's instructions concerning the return of deliveries. The orderer is responsible to meet those instructions.  This applies in particular consideration of the applicable legal provisions concerning the delivery and the packaging of dangerous goods. 

All delivery commitments of RECHEMCO are under restriction "while stocks last". Therefor RECHEMCO can withdraw from the contract, if the available stock is depleted.


III. Delivery time

1. Terms of delivery and deadlines are without obligation, if they have not been explicitly described as binding.

2. The terms of delivery start with the order entry or the dispatch of the order confirmation through RECHEMCO if applicable. 

3. The terms of delivery are met if the goods have left the site until these terms expired. 

4. In case of delay in delivery, the orderer has the right to withdraw from the contract after the fruitless expiration of a reasonable time extension of 4 weeks with refusal to accept performance, which he gave RECHEMCO after a delay in delivery.

5. In case of holidays (like Christmas, Easter, Chinese New Year, etc..) the delay can be bigger.


IV. Prices and payment

1. All consumption, sales or indirect taxes, customs, examination and acceptance fees or rather all other taxes, fees or liabilities of all kind, which have been stipulated through national authorities or rather allocated to the business between RECHEMCO and the orderer, are to be paid by the orderer in addition to the advertising price or invoice price.  RECHEMCO is not obliged to point to possible taxes and fees.

2. RECHEMCO accepts several payment options. The orderer agrees to the conditions, which are bound to the respective payment options. The availability of individual payment options may be limited if necessary.

3. RECHEMCO doesn't accepts any payment from US and US citizens.


• Bank transfer (not available)

1. The handling of payments is carried out through the company RECHEMCO. The client agrees to absorb all banking fees. If the full amount has not been credited, RECHEMCO reserves the right to adjust the order to the amount transferred by the orderer.

2. For the payment via bank transfer, the orderer may only use reason for transfer given by RECHEMCO. If this guideline has been violated, RECHEMCO reserves the right to cancel the order.  In this case the banking fees have to be paid by the orderer as well.

•  Bitcoin

After the payment has been made, the client commits to contact the customer support to verify the payment. The verification should be done within 30 days.  Once the deadline expires, RECHEMCO does not grant any guarantee for payment identification.

•  MoneyGram

All possible fees have to be paid by the customer. To process a payment, RECHEMCO uses MoneyGram external service providers. The customer also has to pay the fees charged by these service providers.

•  RewardPoints

For each order, the orderer receives premiums in the form of RewardPoints. They are valid for up to 1 year after the last order. RewardPoints can be used to settle the invoice. A payout of RewardPoints is not possible.


V. Passing of risk

1. The risk is passed on to the orderer once the goods are handed over to the person responsible for the shipment or have left the site of RECHEMCO for the purpose of shipping. This also applies in the case of partial deliveries or if RECHEMCO has absorbed other services such as transport costs.

2. If the orderer fails to do so or violates other obligations to cooperate, RECHEMCO can demand the compensation of the suffered damage including possible additional expenses. The risk of a random loss or a random degradation of the goods passes on to the orderer at the moment in which his delay in acceptance commences.  RECHEMCO is entitled to, after the fruitless expiry of a reasonable grace period, dispose of the goods otherwise and make the delivery to the orderer within a reasonably extended period.
3. Delivered goods shall be accepted by the orderer irrespective of any claims based on defects even if the products show insignificant defects. 


VI. Usage of the products by the orderer

1. RECHEMCO's products are designed for the purpose of laboratory experiment and may not be used for other purposes as long as no other details have been given on the product labels, the RECHEMCO catalogues or other documents handed over to the orderer. Especially those RECHEMCO products may not be used for in-vitro diagnostics for the production of food products and pharmaceutical products in medical appliances as well as cosmetic products.

2. RECHEMCO does not check the products for safety and potency of food products, pharmaceutical products, medical appliances, cosmetics as well as for commercial or other purposes, if not described differently in the documents handed over by RECHEMCO. RECHEMCO explicitly advises the orderer to properly test, use, manufacture and advertise the products obtained from RECHEMCO and/or the products obtained with the help of RECHEMCO. The orderer has to check possible risks and dangers and to carry out all other potentially necessary research works to catch up on dangers, which may be the result of the usage of products obtained from RECHEMCO.  The orderer also has to warn his orderers and there support personnel (such as transport operator etc.) regarding the potential risks and dangers connected to the usage or handling of the products. 

3. The RECHEMCO products are written on the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance List or other legal ordinances. The orderer himself is responsible to comply with legal ordinances concerning the handling of substances obtained through RECHEMCO.

4. RECHEMCO explicitly advises the orderer to check the product ingredients provided by RECHEMCO,


VII. Warranty rights and liabilities

1. The orderer's warranty rights assume that the orderer checks the delivered goods on receipt and communicates defects electronically and immediately, latest 1 week after reception to RECHEMCO. The orderer shall describe the defects or rather substantiate through analysis. 


VIII. Act of God

1. If an Act of God has prevented RECHEMCO from fulfilling its contractual duties, in particular the delivery of goods, RECHEMCO shall be exempted from its duties for the duration of the impediment with the addition of a reasonable start-up time, without the orderer having any right to claim compensation. 
The same applies if the fulfillment of RECHEMCO's obligations may be unreasonable, hindered or temporarily impossible due to unforeseen circumstances and circumstances RECHEMCO cannot be held responsible for, in particular because of labor dispute, official measures, energy shortfall, impediment to delivery by a supplier or substantial interruption of operations.

2. RECHEMCO has the right to withdraw from the contract if such an obstacle lasts for more than four months and the completion of the contract is not of interest anymore for RECHEMCO because of the obstacle. If the orderer insists, once the deadline has expired, RECHEMCO has to explain if they will make use of the right of withdrawal or deliver the goods within an acceptable deadline. Claims for indemnity of the orderer are excluded. 


IX. Export

1. RECHEMCO explicitly advises the orderer, that during the export, the delivery items are subject to the respective limitations of the destination country. RECHEMCO reserves the right to conduct an internal expert control examination to determine if the contract can be executed to RECHEMCO's discretion. In this connection, the orderer can be obliged to obtain necessary certificates and present them to RECHEMCO for examination.

2. The orderer may not sell RECHEMCO's goods or make them available to third parties.

X. Privacy protection

RECHEMCO only collects data that are necessary for the processing of the order. RECHEMCO does not provide information to third parties, authorities or other institutions.  Customers have the possibility to cancel their client account at any moment and to unsubscribe from the newsletter. For client accounts with no completed order, a handling fee of 10 EUR may be imposed for deleting the account.



I. End-use declaration

Herewith the customer declares legally binding,


1. That he/she is at least 18 years old and of full legal capacity (if not available here, a copy of the identity card or passport can be demanded by RECHEMCO as form of proof)

2. That the ordered article does not violate RECHEMCO's export limitations at issue and is not subject to legal restrictions in the respective destination country.

3. That he/she knows that the chemicals contain dangerous components, which may harm the human life or health due to their storing and/or usage.

4. That he/she does not use the obtained chemicals for the illegal production of explosive substances, pyrotechnic sets or objects, chemical warfare agents, addictive drugs and psychotropic substances. He/she also confirms to not use all obtained chemical substances and formulations (if they are suitable in their unprocessed form) for the above-mentioned illegal purposes.

5. That he/she possesses the necessary theoretical and practical expertise for the usage of dangerous substances and the individual responsibility for compliance with safety measures necessary for the storing and usage of dangerous chemical substances.

If one of those stipulations is made legally void then, as a result, the validity of the other points will not be touched. In this case the invalid passage shall be replaced by a valid stipulation, which come closest to the original intent.


II. Shipping information for products from the categories RESEARCH-CHEMICALS and EU-RETAIL

1. Products from the category EU-Retail can only be shipped by Express Mail / Priority Mail. There is no tracking option. A claim for replacement and lost does not exist. However forwarding as a gesture of goodwill cannot be excluded. Only member states of the European Union can be supplied with EU-Retail products.

2. When choosing the shipping option "Free shipping" for products from the category RESEACH-CHEMICALS, the option forwarding as a gesture of goodwill exists, if the total order amount does not exceed 200 EUR.

3. The customer has to cover all the shipping expenses in case of reship.

4. The option forwarding as a gesture of goodwill expires automatically once point 1.2 has been violated.

5. Products from the category EU-RETAIL have an average delivery time of one to seven working days, once the order has been dispatched.

6. Products from the category RESEARCH-CHEMICALS have an average delivery time of three to ten working days, once the order has been dispatched. 

7. In case RECHEMCO has to refund an order which does contain a chemical that is prohibited in the destination country, the customer will be charged 10 EUR.

8. In case the customer ordered one or more prohibited products in the destination country, RECHEMCO will change them to the closer legal chemicals in the destination country or increase the quantity of the legal ordered products untill match the paid price.



Free shipping

From 200€ order it's possible select the option "Free shipping". Please refer to local requirements and conditions.

a) You allow us the choice of delivery method and it's not possible complaint in case of lost.
b) Your order includes products in the categories RESEARCH CHEMICALS and/or EU RETAIL.

a) You want to distribute your order on several partial deliveries.
b) Products are purchased from other product categories.
c) Products are purchased from different ware houses.

a) We ship all EU-RETAIL orders by express mail without tracking number.
b) For RESEARCH CHEMICALS orders we choose independently a shipping courier which is offering the best conditions for your destination country
c) It's not possible complaint in case of lost.


III. Shipping information for GENERIS PHARMACEUTICAL products

1. We ship worldwide by courier and tracking number.

2. Signature and ID card are required on delivery.

3. Please write the right Name and Surname with the shipping address or the parcel cannot be delivered.

4. The products are shipped into discrete packaging or yellow bubble envelope.
The products are shipped in their original blister and box.

5. Senders name and address on parcels are chosen randomly and cannot be changed.
Shipments are declared randomly and cannot be changed (no pharma name).

6. It's very important before order check the law in your country in case of customs random control.

7. When a shipment reach the destination country customs office is delivered.




- Finland
- Sweden
- Norway
- Switzerland

Order seized into these destination country cannot apply for a reship or refund because of too many customs issue.

The order is on your own risk.

We don't accept any complaint.




The shipping address must be in this format:


It's your responsibility write the correct shipping information to receive the package otherwise the parcel will be sent back to nowhere and inevitably lost.




- Fake name
- Incomplete address (missing country, first name, ZIP code, etc..)




As soon as your order is ready the tracking number will be transmitted by email.
The tracking number can takes up to 48h to be activated.
If you will receive the tracking number on Friday is very easy that will be activated on Monday.
Compulsive and anxious messages will be ignored, just wait.



We refund or reship in case the package is seized or lost in origin or transit country.

Before leave a negative feedback, please contact us.
We will find a nice solution for you.



- Wrong shipping information
- When a shipment reach the destination country customs office is delivered
- Sized prohibited items (check the law in your country before order)
- If you are dissatisfied with the ordered products

Before leave a negative feedback, please contact us.





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