Loyalty Program

We have decided as a company to follow a somewhat unusual way for our industry. The chemical industry has proved to be very conservative, new marketing ideas are rarely implemented, and the customer experience is often neglected. In order to give our customers the best experience possible we've decided to change this and reward our satisfied customers by introducing a loyalty points program.

As a customer you will now have the chance to earn reward points with us for free and use these points to save money on future orders!

How can I start earning Reward Points?

You will earn your first loyalty points just by signing up, after this there are many ways to earn more points.

How much are Reward Points worth?

The exchange rate for Reward points is: 100 Reward Points = 1$

Here's a breakdown of how many points you will earn from different actions:

• Register as a new customer 10 Reward Points
• Cashback on every order 3 Reward Points
• Answering community poll 20 Reward Points
• Signing up for newsletter 20 Reward Points
• Submitting product rating 50 Reward Points





In addition, there are many ways to earn points when referring friends:

• When your friend registers
10 Reward Points
• When your friend makes their first order
490 Reward Points
• Whenever your friend makes an order
6 Reward Points/
• When your referral link is clicked
1 Reward Point/Click


How can I refer a friend?

To refer a friend, you must send a friend your referral link or send them a referral e-mail. To do this, simply visit this link while signed into your account.

More in-depth information on the referral program, including a helpful guide, can be found here.

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