Inhoffen Lythgoe diol

Inhoffen Lythgoe diol
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Inhoffen Lythgoe diol

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What is Inhoffen Lythgoe diol ?

Inhoffen Lythgoe diol is also known by the .

What is the full chemical name for ?

The IUPAC also known as full chemical name is . The CAS number is 64190-52-9
and it has the 212.33. It is sold in the of RECHEMCO

How does Inhoffen Lythgoe diol look like?

It has appearance and the purity is >97%
More information about this product can be found wikipedia.


More Information
Synonyms 1-(2-Hydroxy-1-methyl-ethyl)-7a-methyl-octahydro-inden-4-ol;(S,1R,3aR,4S,7aR)-Octahydro-4-hydroxy-,7a-dimethyl-1H-indene-1-ethanol;Inhoffen Lythgoe Diol;(1R,3aR,4S,7aR)-1-((S)-1-Hydroxypropan-2-yl)-7a-methyloctahydro-1H-inden-4-ol;(S)-C(OH)D(OH);(βS,1R,3
Formula C13H24O2
Molecular weight 212.33
CAS 64190-52-9
Purity >97%

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