Ayurmax is a generic version of manufactured by Rechemco in with the same effectiveness and properties as - but available for purchase at a much lower price compared to the branded medication.
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What is Ayurmax?

Ayurmax is a generic medication with the same pharmacological effects and active ingredients as and is available for purchase.

The medication is produced in by Rechemco as an affordable low cost generic alternative to .

Ayurmax has the active ingredient Sildenafil.

What are the side effects of Ayurmax?

Like all other medications containing Sildenafil -including the inventors original product, Ayurmax can have various side effects.

We encourage you to seek a consultation at your GP and research information available online to find out what the common side effects of Ayurmax might be and it it is suitable for your needs.

What is the half life and onset of Ayurmax?

Under normal circumstances onset for Ayurmax can be expected after consumption and the half-life of Sildenafil based drugs is usually .

Half life means that Ayurmax will be most potent in your system for at least .

How does Ayurmax package and product itself look like?

Ayurmax comes as Standard Tablet and is packed as a Blister Pack of 10 Pills.

The tablets are shaped and the color of the pills is .

Should Ayurmax be used as a prescription medication?

Yes. To avoid any negative effects on your health, we recommend to consult your physician before using Ayurmax or other similar generic products containing the same active substance.

Ayurmax and other Sildenafil based products have become very popular due to their attractive pricing and medical potency in comparison to the brand name originals.

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